Blue Elephant Bistro – The Walk, Cebu IT Park

2013-04-30 19.15.10

Meeting with old friends, that you haven’t seen in a while is definitely one of the many stress relieving comforts that most people enjoy.

2013-04-30 19.30.32

Tuesday night and I’m waiting at the lobby of one of the newest buildings in IT Park where my wife works. We are meeting one of her former student and his company (again). They are Japanese; and since it is Golden Week holiday in Japan, most of them are here on vacation. It’s dinner time and everyone is hungry, so we didn’t think of going too far for dinner and we

2013-04-30 19.15.20

headed for The Walk. One of my wife’s colleague suggested Blue Elephant and everyone agreed. I was rather having second thoughts then to review the place that my wife had to convince me. Little had I known that it was actually serving Thai food and is a sister company of Cebu’s two famous Thai restaurants, Krua Thai and Siam. The place is small like all the other stalls at The Walk, I believe it can house only thirty persons inside and another thirty on their patio. The place is dim lit and takes a few moments for your eyes to get used to the lighting.  Their cuisine is vibrant, the waitress told us it was an Asian fusion with focus on Thai dishes.

2013-04-30 19.48.14


2013-04-30 19.49.14

They have attendants that are quick on their feet and sadly a menu that needs reprinting. There were plenty of choices to choose from, if I would guess it right they might have at least 50 dishes on there and about half of it are for the main course alone. Good thing that there are plenty of us so there was a variety of foods ordered.


2013-04-30 19.36.38

Waiting time wasn’t that long and which was unexpected ‘coz it was pretty busy that night. First thing that arrived was Thailand’s signature dish, Tom Yum Soup. For many Thai restaurants this dish is the make or break benchmark of how authentic their food is. Since almost all are already hungry, we made it our appetizer. It was delicious, the ingredients were fresh and I believe their tom yum paste was genuinely made from scratch. I can tell because I tasted all the supposed ingredients there in the soup.  It was spicy but not overpowering with tender prawns and squid. Sipping the soup was a comfort all on its own. I expected nothing less from an offspring of two famous Thai restaurants in Cebu. After the bowl had been finished in a measly 3 minutes, all the others were served in, right off the kitchen and savory hot. Funny how food can turn a noisy crowd into silent herd of sheep, I guess everyone was that hungry. The dishes were all tasty and has their distinct taste of their own.

2013-04-30 19.54.18

2013-04-30 19.49.56


After eating, the group was again laughing and now drinking with beers and cocktails.Then a waiter approached offering us to try their newest recipe for “Crocodile Sisig”; and yes, you read that right, crocodile! Out of curiosity we ordered one knowing sisig goes well with beer, yeah!  After a mere five minutes it came out sizzling on hot platter. It was tasty, it can’t be described to taste like chicken or pork because it doesn’t really taste like it. It has its own unique taste that possibly only a reptile can have. I had eaten a snake (adobo sa gata) before and it closely resembles it.

And so we were there for almost four hours and it was really fun, we were all satisfied not only of the food but also on the time well spent with a great company. For reservations, you can contact Blue Elephant at (032)415-7797.2013-04-30 20.58.48


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